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Halls Creek Outfitters ~ Fulton


Eagle Sky of the Ozarks ~ Patterson

Cuatro and J4 Fencing & Services flew out to this camp to view the property and confirm the bid with ranch manager Bill Winner in 2010.  The J4 crew went to the ranch, met the material truck, and started working.



Champion Ranch ~ Colorado City


Inflight Outfitters ~ Mathis


Morani River Ranch ~ Uvalde

Cuatro originally met with the owner, Kevin Reid, and ranch manager, Butch Amlong, at his breeding facility in El Campo, Texas. Cuatro picked up Kevin and Butch at the airport and took them to view his “Total Deer Solutions” facility, where his working barn was about 75% completed.

At that time, Morani River Ranch had been darting a large herd of Whitetail deer in their breeding program. This activity is stressful on the deer and can easily lead to sickness or death. After viewing J4′s personal working/breeding facility, Morani River Ranch ordered one of their own. The working facility was built at Morani River Ranch in time to work the fall breeding season in 2009, making them more successful as a major player in the whitetail breeding industry. The ranch successfully worked over 500 heads through the facility the first season (that’s 500 heads worked through 4 times).

Morani River Ranch then hired J4 Fencing & Services to build high fence, install custom gateways, and build more exotic breeding pens. With J4 Fencing & Services, you get the total package, built right the first time!

J4 Building Solutions

Joe “Cuatro” Strack has expanded his J4 Fencing & Services company to include J4 Building Solutions. Specializing in designing and constructing barn homes, metal buildings, and metal storage buildings, Cuatro and his team provide efficient and cost-effective turn key solutions for metal building construction and interiors. With years of experience in ranch improvements and building high fence and breeder pens, J4 Building Solutions is the trusted source for rural property owners and ranchers!

J4 Expands Across The Country

Having established successful business in Texas for many years, J4 is expanding across the country and is excited to serve clients in multiple states with the construction of metal buildings. Call us today for a free quote on a project in your state and learn more about our barn homes, metal storage buildings, and other building solutions!

Texas Rebuilt Barn Homes

One trend in many rural areas is to convert an existing barn into a barn home.  For example, enterprising Texas landowners are converting agricultural barns into unique and comfortable homes.  This trend increases with the end of government some allotments.

Even if no barn exists on the land it is still possible to add an “old barn” – if the landowner has the money.  J4 specializes in finding and providing actual barn frames, design assistance, and construction for people who want to build unique barn homes. This builds on the fact that landowners are demanding more energy-efficient (i.e., greener) homes.  This approach uses recycled materials from all parts of a barn – including frame, siding, flooring, roof, beams, and foundation stone

This approach starts with reclaimed historic barn frames as the “core” feature of a barn home.  Incorporating barn wood adds charm and beauty, as well as the character of vintage lumber. Different woods blend well with the overall theme of a barn home.

This style of barn home can encompass the entire spectrum from rustic to modern.  The reclaimed lumber does save trees – as well as the energy and costs of milling and producing new wood.  However, they are also the most expensive alternative.