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The history of house styles stretches back into a time before recorded history. Those primitive homes were likely either caves or trees.

After that came houses built in Egypt and Greece, of sun-dried bricks or stone – surprisingly the same materials being used on the North American continent among Mayans and Aztecs.

As civilization expanded into northern Britain and across the European continent, homes were variously round or square, primarily of logs and typically with sod roofs. The Viking longhouse was similarly constructed and long enough to allow the family and its animals to live at opposite ends of the house.

After that, in the 15th century, the first truly modern building style appeared. Called Tudor, these half-timbered or post and beam houses had walls between the beams filled with small sticks and wet clay – called wattle and daub – that mimics today’s plastered walls in both style and improved energy efficiency.

The very simple Georgian (fewer timbers, more clay) was followed within a hundred years by the highly ornate Victorian. Post World War II, a style called Craftsman emerged. This was a one-story frame with a gently sloping roof and deep eaves over a porch with distinctive square (rustic) pillars. Inside, roof or ceiling beams are exposed, and that feature has lasted into the current era.

In four thousand years, though, housing materials have scarcely differed. Wood, brick and clay (or plaster and sheetrock) formed the bulk of the ingredients. Energy efficiency varied only by the number of windows, many and highly mullioned for the Georgian-period rich, and few for the Georgian-era poor. The amount of wall space also varied from rich to poor, though highly energy-efficient sod roofs stayed around for a very long time, eventually replaced by clay tiles and finally by asphalt shingles.

And, finally in the late 20th Century, by metal. It also took 20th Century technology to develop the kinds of metal beams and other support structures, and finishes, that allowed contractors to put up highly durable steel homes which had all the amenities of traditional homes and some very singular advantages – steel homes are designed to withstand high winds, fire and even earthquakes.

Not only are steel homes amazingly durable, taking everything that Nature can throw at them and coming out unscathed, but they are energy-efficient and sustainable, putting fewer carbon emissions into the atmosphere than the components of stick-build homes. This end-to-end lifecycle sustainability gives today’s homeowners – raised on a diet of green messaging – a feeling of having done something more important than simply building a home when they choose metal.

J4 Building Solutions offers metal building systems that resist insect damage, remain rust- free, and deliver a low-maintenance exterior t hat leaves time for the more important things in life – family, friends, hobbies, sports and gardening.

The low-maintenance is achieved via long-lasting enamel in colors that duplicate vinyl siding or rolled metal wall sheathing colors, allowing you to make your home blend into the neighborhood or match the storage and livestock buildings on your ranch.

J4 calls its metal buildings ‘residential barn homes’, a name that doesn’t quite allow the imagination to visualize how nice these buildings actually look. The turnkey metal building kits allow for a variety of improvements; that is, plumbing, water supply, electric service, heating and air-conditioning, windows, doors and interior walls and fixtures.

Because you’re starting from scratch, you can ask J4 to help you plan and implement greywater systems, solar energy systems, wind power and even heat pump (geothermal) systems to insure your new metal home is operating in the 21st Century, not the 19th.

In fact, J4 can do almost everything, from creating architectural designs to grading the land for the house and any landscaping features you have always dreamed of. Add to that construction and interior finishing, and your completed and highly durable metal home will be a delight from the day it is finished well into the time when your children are looking for their own homes. So make it a generational affair: call J4 today at 979-637-9892.